Lakshmi Narayana Perumal, Avoor, Thanjavur

This temple for Vishnu as Lakshmi Narayana Perumal is one of the two lesser known temples in the village of Avoor, which is also home to a Paadal Petra Sthalam for Lord Siva. The interesting etymology of the name of the village is connected with the story of Kamadhenu, the celestial cow, and with the names of the nearby villages – many of which are well known. But what is special about the vigraham of Hanuman at this temple?… Read More Lakshmi Narayana Perumal, Avoor, Thanjavur

Lakshmi Narasimhar, Namakkal, Namakkal

In the Narasimha Avataram, Vishnu had to leave His abode quickly to reach Prahalada, and so Lakshmi missed seeing His form as Narasimhar. This temple’s sthala puranam is about how She eventually got to witness this avataram. This Pandya period temple does not feature as a Divya Desam, but according to some experts, there is a reason for this. But what does this temple have to do with the famous mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan? … Read More Lakshmi Narasimhar, Namakkal, Namakkal

Pandava Sahaya Perumal, Pandur, Mayiladuthurai

As is clearly evident from the name, this temple’s puranam is closely connected to the Pandavas and the Mahabharatam. The Pandavas built this temple after they were cured by worshipping Siva, at Krishna’s advice; and as a result, this temple can perhaps be regarded central to the Pancha Vaidyanathar Sthalams (five temples for Siva as Vaidyanathar). But what famous mantram, originally instructed by Brahma to Narada, is associated with this temple?… Read More Pandava Sahaya Perumal, Pandur, Mayiladuthurai

Chakrapani, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur

Vishnu manifests in this temple as the Sudarshana Chakram itself. The main sthala puranam here is about Suryan’s ego and pride being overcome by the effulgence of the Chakram. Built originally by the Cholas and significantly expanded by the Nayaks, this temple is famed for its pillars that overflow with exquisite Nayak craftsmanship. But what are some of the aspects of this temple that are virtually identical to Siva and Siva worship, and how does this connect to the Veeratteswarar temple at Tiruvirkudi?… Read More Chakrapani, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur

Ramaswami, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur

This Nayak period temple was built at the start of the decline of the Vijayanagara dynasty. The irony of this is that worship of Rama gained popularity only during the Vijayanagara dynasty’s rule! The entire temple and its extensive and detailed architecture celebrates only one thing – the Ramayanam. The temple is also one of the five Perumal temples associated with the Mahamaham festival. But what is so interesting and absorbing about the depiction of deities in the garbhagriham?… Read More Ramaswami, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur

Sundararaja Perumal, Sundaraperumal Koil, Thanjavur

The handsome Vishnu – Sundararajar – gives the temple and, in turn the place, their names. This temple is regarded as the Abhimana Perumal for three other temples. The sthala puranam here is about a test of will and penance that Indra, the chief of the devas, had to undergo, and how Vishnu helped him so that Indra could get rid of an illness. But who is the guardian deity of this temple and what is unusual about him?… Read More Sundararaja Perumal, Sundaraperumal Koil, Thanjavur

Vaiyam Katha Perumal, Tirukudalur, Thanjavur

This Divya Desam located between Kumbakonam and Tiruvaiyaru is known for many interesting stories that serve as its sthala puranam. The temple is virtually the starting point for Vishnu’s Varaha avataram, which ends in Srimushnam. There are also at least 3 stories as to how the place gets is name. But how did Vishnu protect his devotee – king Ambarisha – from the mercurial sage Durvasa, and how does that connect with this temple?… Read More Vaiyam Katha Perumal, Tirukudalur, Thanjavur

Rajagopala Perumal, Nallicheri, Thanjavur

The ruling Nayak king of the time was unable to proceed to Mannargudi for his daily worship of Rajagopalaswami there, due to cyclonic storms. So he spent the night here, and through various voices and signs, was informed that he needed to build a temple for Krishna as Rajagopalar, here. The place gets its name from one of the 64 varieties of trees, plants, herbs, etc, that Shakhambari Devi created for a special visit here. Whose visit was this, and why did it take place?… Read More Rajagopala Perumal, Nallicheri, Thanjavur

Tiruvengadamudaiyan, Ariyakudi, Sivaganga

Regarded as the southern Tirupati, this is a place where one can fulfil any prarthanas or prayers meant for Srinivasa Perumal at Tirupati. The prarthana sthalam here is about Sevukan Chettiar, a staunch Vishnu devotee despite being born in a Saivite Nagarathar family, who could not undertake his annual pilgrimage to Tirupati in one year. But what is special about the Garuda and the Aadi Swati nakshatram festival at this temple?… Read More Tiruvengadamudaiyan, Ariyakudi, Sivaganga

Siva Surya Perumal, Keezhkudi, Ramanathapuram

In this temple, located in a small village that lies back of beyond nowhere, is a rather unique representation of Siva and Vishnu – both separately and together. The temple is said to celebrate the unity and oneness of Siva and Vishnu, despite what the sthala puranam of the Tiruvetriyur temple says, and re-emphasises the primacy of pillar worship. So what makes this temple fascinating, despite a total lack of any history or information available about it?… Read More Siva Surya Perumal, Keezhkudi, Ramanathapuram

Govindaraja Perumal, Veppathur, Thanjavur

Located in the northern part of Veppathur, this temple is today just a gopuram, with the deities being housed in a separate one-room building. The sthala puranam here is connected to two tales from the Ramayanam. But despite its Pallava origins, what makes this nearly 2000-year old (or older) temple fascinating across layers of history and the rule of several dynasties?… Read More Govindaraja Perumal, Veppathur, Thanjavur

Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal, Veppathur, Thanjavur

Considered to be over 2000 years old, this temple is located in the heart of Veppathur – once called Ghatika Sthanam and Chaturvedi Mangalam. The all-wish-fulfilling Perumal is attended to by Anjaneyar depicted as a child. Krishna gave mantropadesam to Agastyar here. But how is this temple connected to the Ramayanam, that too in a rather unusual way?… Read More Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal, Veppathur, Thanjavur

Veetrirundha Varadaraja Perumal, Tirukodiyalur, Tiruvarur

This village temple located near Tirumeyachur, close to the Meghanathar-Lalithambigai temple, is poorly visited, but decently maintained. The sthala puranam here is about Vishnu waiting for Lakshmi, while She was worshipping at the Tirumeyachur temple. But what important aspects of Saivism are celebrated at this Perumal temple?… Read More Veetrirundha Varadaraja Perumal, Tirukodiyalur, Tiruvarur

Parthasarathy Perumal, Triplicane, Chennai

With various puranams associated with it, this Divya Desam temple in Chennai is dedicated to Vishnu as Parthasarathy – Arjuna’s charioteer in the Mahabharatam, and also features Vishnu in four other forms. The iconography of the moolavar and utsavar murtis are highly nuanced, embedding instances from the life of Krishna as told in the epic. But what interesting reasons are is behind this temple’s chariot/car running twice during the temple’s annual festival, and differing neivedyams offered to Parthasarathy Perumal and Yoga Narasimhar?… Read More Parthasarathy Perumal, Triplicane, Chennai

Madanagopala Swami, Madurai, Madurai

At Siva’s coronation as the ruler of Madurai, the celestials in attendance found the heat and effulgence unbearable, and requested Vishnu for help. In turn, Vishnu took the form of the cowherd Gopala, and played the flute, mesmerising everyone present and cooling them down. Periyazhvar and his daughter Andal visited here, on their way from Srivilliputhur to Srirangam, for Andal’s marriage to Ranganathar there. The temple has some very unusual architectural aspects, as far as Perumal temples go. But in what infuriating way is this temple in Madurai connected to the Philadelphia Museum of Art?… Read More Madanagopala Swami, Madurai, Madurai

Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal, Madurai, Madurai

Tucked away in a bylane near the Madurai Meenaksi Amman and Koodal Azhagar temples, is this fascinating temple run by Saurashtrans, dedicated to both Venkatesa Perumal and Navaneeta Krishnan. In addition to beautiful sculptures and architecture, the temple also has shrines for notable saints and others associated with it, as well as artefacts connected with Thyagaraja Swami of the Carnatic music trinity. But what is so unique about the Maatru Tirukkola Sevai that takes place during the temple’s annual festival in the Tamil month of Aadi? … Read More Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal, Madurai, Madurai

Veda Narayana Perumal, Kodikulam, Madurai

Brahma’s carelessness led to the demons Madhu & Kaitabha stealing the Vedas from him, which led to all creation coming to a sudden halt. Vishnu had to fight the demons to get back the Vedas. As penitence, Brahma performed penance here in human form, and so is depicted with only one head, instead of his usual four. But how is this temple connected to Srirangam, the Mughal invasion of the south, and the Vaishnavite saint-philosopher Pillai Lokacharyar?… Read More Veda Narayana Perumal, Kodikulam, Madurai

Sundara Varadaraja Perumal, Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram

This Pancha Varada Kshetram, which finds mention in the Mahabharatam, is one of the temples the Pandavas visited during their period of exile, and they regained the wisdom they had lost when gambling with the Kauravas. The long list of dynasties who ruled the region, have each left their mark on the temple construction. But what is the connection between this temple and the celestial architect Takshaka, in the depiction of Vishnu on three levels at this temple? … Read More Sundara Varadaraja Perumal, Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram

Neelamegha Perumal, Thanjavur, Thanjavur

This is the one of a set of 3 temples, which is unique as they are together reckoned as one Divya Desam temple. The sthala puranam is common to all the three, and is connected with the demons Thanjakan, Thandakan and Tharakasuran. The first of these – Thanjakan – is whom Thanjavur is named for (at least that’s one version of the story!). But what is the connection between these temples, Vishnu’s varaha avataram, and the Bhuvaraha Perumal temple at Srimushnam?… Read More Neelamegha Perumal, Thanjavur, Thanjavur

Manikundra Perumal, Thanjavur, Thanjavur

This is the one of a set of 3 temples, which is unique as they are together reckoned as one Divya Desam temple. The sthala puranam is common to all the three, and is connected with the demons Thanjakan, Thandakan and Tharakasuran. The first of these – Thanjakan – is whom Thanjavur is named for (at least that’s one version of the story!). But what is the connection between these temples, Vishnu’s varaha avataram, and the Bhuvaraha Perumal temple at Srimushnam?… Read More Manikundra Perumal, Thanjavur, Thanjavur

Narasimhar, Thanjavur, Thanjavur

This is the one of a set of 3 temples, which is unique as they are together reckoned as one Divya Desam temple. The sthala puranam is common to all the three, and is connected with the demons Thanjakan, Thandakan and Tharakasuran. The first of these – Thanjakan – is whom Thanjavur is named for (at least that’s one version of the story!). But what is the connection between these temples, Vishnu’s varaha avataram, and the Bhuvaraha Perumal temple at Srimushnam?… Read More Narasimhar, Thanjavur, Thanjavur

நரசிம்மர், தஞ்சாவூர், தஞ்சாவூர்

விஷ்ணுவால் தோற்கடிக்கப்பட்ட மூன்று அசுரர்களில் ஒருவரான (மற்றவர்கள் தாண்டகன் மற்றும் தாரகாசுரன்) தஞ்சகனின் பெயரால் தஞ்சாவூர் அதன் பெயரைப் பெற்றது. தஞ்சை மாமணி கோயில் என்பது தஞ்சாவூரின் புறநகர்ப் பகுதியில் வெண்ணாறு ஆற்றங்கரையில் அமைந்துள்ள மூன்று கோயில்களின் தொகுப்பாகும். நீலமேகப் பெருமாள், மணிகுன்றப் பெருமாள் மற்றும் நரசிம்மப் பெருமாள் (தஞ்சை யாளி கோயில் என்றும் அழைக்கப்படுகிறது) ஆகிய மூன்று கோயில்களும் ஒன்றுக்கொன்று மிக அருகில் அமைந்துள்ளன. மூன்று கோவில்களின் குழு ஒரே திவ்ய தேசமாக கருதப்படும் ஒரே… Read More நரசிம்மர், தஞ்சாவூர், தஞ்சாவூர்

Sarngapani, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur

This Divya Desam and Pancha Ranga Kshetram (similar to Koviladi), this is also a Vaishnava Navagraha Sthalam dedicated to Suryan. Lakshmi was born as Sage Brighu’s daughter here, and married Vishnu who came to the venue on a chariot, with his bow called Sarngam. The temple itself is shaped like a chariot, and boasts of some very intricate and magnificent architecture. But why is the vigraham of Lakshmi as Komalavalli Thayar, never taken out of the temple in procession?… Read More Sarngapani, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur

Oppiliappan, Tirunageswaram, Thanjavur

This Divya Desam and the Vaishnava Navagraham temple for Sani is where Tirumangaiazhvar was able to view Perumal in 5 forms, and so the Lord here is worshipped in each of those forms. The temple’s sthala puranam is the reason for the Tulasi leaves being used as the customary form of offering for Vishnu. It is also generally known that the temple prasadam is prepared without salt, but why is that so? … Read More Oppiliappan, Tirunageswaram, Thanjavur

சௌந்தரராஜப் பெருமாள், நாகப்பட்டினம், நாகப்பட்டினம்

இக்கோயில் நான்கு யுகங்களிலும் இருந்ததாக நம்பப்படுகிறது. நாகப்பட்டினம் நாகத்திலிருந்து அதன் பெயரைப் பெற்றது,. முன்பு இது சுந்தரரண்யம் என்று அழைக்கப்படும் ஒரு காடாக இருந்தது, இதன் மூலம் விருத்த காவேரி ஆறு (காவேரி ஆற்றின் கிளை நதி, இன்று ஓடம்போக்கி என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது) ஓடியது. திரேதா யுகத்தில், துருவன் இந்த இடத்தைப் பற்றி கேள்விப்பட்டு, மிகவும் தவம் செய்து விஷ்ணுவின் தரிசனம் பெற்றார். இதன் பின்னரே இக்கோயில் தோன்றியதாக கூறப்படுகிறது. திரேதா யுகத்தில் பூதேவியும் இங்கு வழிபட்டாள்.… Read More சௌந்தரராஜப் பெருமாள், நாகப்பட்டினம், நாகப்பட்டினம்

Parthasarathy Perumal, Tirunangur (Parthanpalli), Nagapattinam

Parthanpalli is one of the 11 in the list of Nangur Divya Desam temples. Vishnu here is said to have come from Kurukshetra, and the temple has some really unusual idols – 4-armed Vishnu as Parthasarathy, with a dagger; Dasaratha witnessing Vishnu come out of the sacrificial fire, and even Kolavilli Ramar in the sanctum. But Partha means Arjuna. So what does this place have to do with him? … Read More Parthasarathy Perumal, Tirunangur (Parthanpalli), Nagapattinam

Varadaraja Perumal, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

One of the 11 Nangur Ekadasa Divya Desam temples, Vishnu at this temple is said to have come here from Kanchipuram, and hence shares the same name as Perumal there. The temple’s sthala puranam is connected to the nearby Tirutetriambalam temple, and the churning of the ocean by the devas and asuras. But what does that have to do with the occurrence of eclipses?… Read More Varadaraja Perumal, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

Vedarajan, Tirunagari, Nagapattinam

This is one of two temples that are reckoned as one Divya Desam together, and is associated with Uparicharavasu, who took births in each of the yugams to finally arrive here as Neelan (later, Tirumangaiazhvar) in Kali Yugam. But what is the beautiful story of Lakshmi leaving Vishnu, and He locating her at this temple, due to which this place is a prarthana sthalam for those seeking to get married?… Read More Vedarajan, Tirunagari, Nagapattinam

Gopalakrishnan, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

Often referred to by its ancient name of Tirukavalmpadi, this is one of the Divya Desams located in Tirunangur, near Mayiladuthurai. Vishnu here is considered the equivalent of the Krishna at Dwarka, and is said to have come from there. The temple’s puranam is connected to an ungrateful Indra refusing the Parijatham flower to Satyabhama, despite Krishna vanquishing Narakasuran and bringing back the things he stole from Devalokam. How did this come about? … Read More Gopalakrishnan, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

Vaikuntanathar, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

This Divya Desam temple is one of 11 such temples in Nangur near Mayiladuthurai. The story here is of Swetaketu’s ascension to what he thought was Vaikuntam, but then had to come back to this place for a particular reason. This is one of only six places that has the appellation “Vinnagaram”, referring to Vishnu’s eternal abode. But why is this place called Vaikunta Vinnagaram, and Perumal named Vaikuntanathar?… Read More Vaikuntanathar, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

Perarulalan, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

This Divya Desam is also one of the 11 temples in Tirunagur, regarded as the Nangur Ekadasa Divya Desam, all of which are connected with the 11 Rudra Peethams representing the fierce aspect of Lord Siva. The sthala puranam here is connected with the Ramayanam, and the ritual purification of Rama from the sin of having killed Ravana, a brahmin. This also gives the place its name. But how is this temple very closely connected with the Azhagiya Manavalar Divya Desam temple at Uraiyur in Trichy? … Read More Perarulalan, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

Pallikonda Ranganathar, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

This Divya Desam temple’s sthala puranam is connected with the story of the churning of the ocean, and as a result, the cause of eclipses in mythology! In the Varaha avataram, Sridevi and Bhudevi were worried about being separate from the Lord, and so He came here to be with them while His avataram went to vanquish Hiranyaksha. But what distinction among the 11 Nangur Divya Desam temples, does this temple claim?… Read More Pallikonda Ranganathar, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

Kudamadu Koothan, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

Also called Arimeya Vinnagaram, this Divya Desam is also one of the 11 Nangur Ekadasa Divya Desam temples, all of which are connected with the 11 Rudra Peethams representing the fierce aspect of Lord Siva. Vishnu here is said to have come from Dwaraka, to quell Rudra’s anger. But what favouritism did Sage Uthangar accuse Krishna of in the Mahabharatam war?… Read More Kudamadu Koothan, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

Purushottama Perumal, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

This Divya Desam is one of the 11 temples in Nangur near Mayiladuthurai – commonly referred to as the Nangur Ekadasa Divya Desam – which are connected with the quelling of Rudra’s anger by Vishnu. The sthala puranam here is connected with Vyaghrapada, the tiger-footed sage, who along with his son, worshipped Vishnu here. The hungry son was fed directly by Lakshmi Herself, reminiscent of the story of Sambandar, the Saivite saint, being fed by Parvati. But what is the connection this temple has with Ayodhya, which also reflects in the name of Vishnu at this temple?… Read More Purushottama Perumal, Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

புருஷோத்தம பெருமாள், திருநாங்கூர், நாகப்பட்டினம்

நாங்கூர் ஏகாதச திவ்ய தேசம் மற்றும் ஏகாதச ருத்ர பீடங்களின் மேலோட்டப் பார்வையை நீங்கள் ஏற்கனவே செய்யவில்லை என்றால், நாங்கூரில் உள்ள பதினொரு கோயில்களுக்கு சூழலை அமைப்பதற்கு பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கும். புலிக்கால் முனிவரான வியாக்ரபாதர் தனது மகன் உபமன்யுவுடன் இங்கு இருந்தார். இங்குள்ள இறைவனுக்கு மலர்களைப் பறித்து மாலைகளை அணிவிப்பார். ஒருமுறை, அவர் பூக்கள் சேகரிக்க வெளியே சென்றபோது, உபமன்யு பசியால் அழ ஆரம்பித்தார். உடனே இங்குள்ள லக்ஷ்மி புருஷோத்தமனிடம் வைகுண்டத்தில் இருந்து வந்து, தன்னுடன் பால்… Read More புருஷோத்தம பெருமாள், திருநாங்கூர், நாகப்பட்டினம்

Vishwaroopa Lakshmi Narasimhar, Kattavakkam, Kanchipuram

Consecrated as recently as in 2007, this beautiful temple near Wallajabad on the way to Kanchipuram features a 16-foot tall murti of Vishnu as Viswaroopa Lakshmi Narasimhar. The depiction of Perumal is said to be exactly as described in the Brahma Stuti of the Lakshmi Narasimha Dhyana Slokam. What other unusual features do this temple’s architecture and iconography boast of?… Read More Vishwaroopa Lakshmi Narasimhar, Kattavakkam, Kanchipuram

கோவிந்தராஜப் பெருமாள், சிதம்பரம், கடலூர்

இந்த திவ்ய தேசம் கோயில் சிதம்பரம் தில்லை நடராஜர் கோயிலில் தெற்கு நோக்கிய திருமூலநாதர் சன்னதியை ஒட்டி அமைந்துள்ளது. இங்குள்ள பெருமாள் கிழக்கு நோக்கி காட்சி தருகிறார். மற்றொரு கோயிலுக்குள் இருக்கும் மூன்று திவ்ய தேசக் கோயில்களில் இதுவும் ஒன்று (காஞ்சிபுரம் ஏகாம்பரேஸ்வரர் கோயிலில் உள்ள நிலத்துண்ட பெருமாள் திவ்ய தேசம், காஞ்சி காமாட்சி அம்மன் கோயிலுக்குள் உள்ள கல்வப் பெருமாள் திவ்ய தேசம்). நடராஜர் கோவிலின் புராணம், ஆதிசேஷனின் திருப்பாற்கடலில் படுத்திருக்கும் போது, விஷ்ணுவின் கனம்… Read More கோவிந்தராஜப் பெருமாள், சிதம்பரம், கடலூர்

திரிவிக்ரம பெருமாள், சீர்காழி, நாகப்பட்டினம்

இக்கோயிலின் புராணம் பிரம்மாண்ட புராணத்தில் குறிப்பிடப்பட்டுள்ளது. முனிவர் ரோமஹர்ஷணர் மிகவும் கொடூரமானவராக கருதப்படுகிறார், அதனால்தான் அவருக்கு அவரது பெயர் வந்தது.. ஒருமுறை, பிரம்மா தனது வயது மற்றும் நீண்ட ஆயுளைப் பற்றி மிகவும் பெருமைப்பட்டார். முனிவர் பிரம்மா தனது அகந்தையைக் கட்டுக்குள் வைத்திருக்க வேண்டும் என்று ரோமஹர்ஷணர் விரும்பினார், எனவே அவர் ஒரு காலில் குதித்து உலகம் முழுவதையும் உள்ளடக்கி விஷ்ணுவை வணங்கினார். இதனால் மகிழ்ந்த விஷ்ணு, அவருக்குத் தோன்றி, ரோமஹர்ஷனரின் உடலில் இருந்து உதிர்ந்த ஒவ்வொரு… Read More திரிவிக்ரம பெருமாள், சீர்காழி, நாகப்பட்டினம்

Sowriraja Perumal, Tirukannapuram, Nagapattinam

Considered the Eastern residence of Vishnu, this Divya Desam temple’s puranam is about how the presiding grew hair on His head to uphold a devotee’s word, that the hair on the garland given to the king actually belonged to the Lord! Interestingly, every amavasya day, the deity is taken outside to meet His devotee Vibheeshana. How did this come to be?… Read More Sowriraja Perumal, Tirukannapuram, Nagapattinam

Naanmadhia Perumal, Thalachangadu, Nagapattinam

This Divya Desam temple’s sthala puranam is connected with the moon’s waning, caused by his fondness for Rohini amongst the 27 sisters he married. Chandran prayed to Vishnu at Srirangam, Indalur and here at Thalachangadu, to have his brightness restored. The place takes its name from the sthala puranam of the nearby Siva temple (also a Paadal Petra Sthalam). But what unusual depiction of Vishnu is found here, which is normally reserved for Lord Siva? … Read More Naanmadhia Perumal, Thalachangadu, Nagapattinam

Srinivasa Perumal (Annan Koil), Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

This Divya Desam temple is closely connected with the story of Tirumangaiazhvar, and Tiruvellakulam (the ancient name of this place) is where his consort Kumudavalli Thayar was born. Another puranam here is about a young prince who was destined to die young, but lived long after worshipping here. For this reason, the temple is also a favoured place of worship for longevity and health. But how is this temple directly related to Srinivasa Perumal at Tirupati?… Read More Srinivasa Perumal (Annan Koil), Tirunangur, Nagapattinam

ஸ்ரீநிவாச பெருமாள் (அண்ணன் கோயில்), திருநாங்கூர், நாகப்பட்டினம்

நாங்கூர் ஏகாதச திவ்ய தேசம் மற்றும் ஏகாதச ருத்ர பீடங்களின் மேலோட்டப் பார்வையை நீங்கள் ஏற்கனவே செய்திருந்தால் நாங்கூரில் உள்ள பதினொரு கோயில்களை பற்றி அறிந்துகொள்ள பயனுள்ளதாக பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கும். இங்குள்ள பெருமாள் திருப்பதியில் உள்ள திருவேங்கடமுடையானின் மூத்த சகோதரனாகக் கருதப்படுவதால், அந்த இடமே அண்ணன் கோயில் என்று அழைக்கப்பட்டது. இந்த இடம் திருப்பதிக்கு சமமாக கருதப்படுகிறது. திருப்பதியில் வழிபட முடியாதவர்கள் இங்கு வழிபடலாம். திருப்பதியில் உள்ள மூலவர் மற்றும் தாயார் இருவருக்கும் ஒரே பெயர்கள் உள்ள… Read More ஸ்ரீநிவாச பெருமாள் (அண்ணன் கோயில்), திருநாங்கூர், நாகப்பட்டினம்

Kolavilli Ramar, Tiruvelliyangudi, Thanjavur

Located near Kumbakonam, this Divya Desam is believed to have existed in all 4 yugams, and is said to have been built by Mayan, the architect of the asuras. We may remember the story from Vamana Avataram, of Sukracharya entering Mahabali’s kamandalam as an insect to block the flow of water, and how Vamana blinded him. What happened to Sukracharya after that? And why does Garuda hold Vishnu’s conch and discus?… Read More Kolavilli Ramar, Tiruvelliyangudi, Thanjavur

Parimala Ranganathar, Tiru Indalur, Mayiladuthurai

One of the 5 Pancha Ranga Kshetrams on the banks of the Kaveri river, this is where Chandran worshipped Vishnu to be somewhat rid of the curse of losing his lustre. Perumal’s name here references the fragrance that Vishnu imparted to the Vedas, after retrieving them from the demons Madhu and Kaitabha during the Matysa Avataram. The temple’s sthala puranam is also connected to the origin of Ekadasi Vratam. But how did Vishnu get Tirumangaiazhvar to sing a pasuram at this temple?… Read More Parimala Ranganathar, Tiru Indalur, Mayiladuthurai

Kaliyuga Varadaraja Perumal, Kallankurichi, Ariyalur

The pillar is one of the oldest forms of worship, and at this Perumal temple on the outskirts of Ariyalur, it is a 12-foot tall wooden pillar that is the main deity, which is said to have miraculous powers, is regarded and worshipped as Vishnu. As if to compensate for lack of detail in the garbhagriham, the temple’s mandapam pillars display some fabulous architecture! How did this temple come to be? … Read More Kaliyuga Varadaraja Perumal, Kallankurichi, Ariyalur

அப்பக்குடத்தான், கோவிலடி, தஞ்சாவூர்

கோவிலடி (இந்திரகிரி மற்றும் பலாசவனம் என்றும் போற்றப்படுகிறது) ஒரு பஞ்ச ரங்க க்ஷேத்திரம் – விஷ்ணு ரங்கநாதர் என்று வணங்கப்படும் 5 முக்கியமான கோயில்கள். ஸ்ரீரங்கப்பட்டினத்தில் உள்ள ஆதி ரங்கர், ஸ்ரீரங்கத்தில் உள்ள ரங்கநாதர், கோவிலடியில் உள்ள அப்பளரங்கன் (அல்லது அப்பக்குடதன்), இந்தளுரில் பரிமள ரங்கநாதர், சீர்காழியில் உள்ள திரிவிக்ரம பெருமாள் (வடரங்கம் என்று குறிப்பிடப்படுவது) இந்தக் கோயில்கள். சில இடங்களில் கும்பகோணத்தில் உள்ள சாரங்கபாணி கோவில் சீர்காழிக்கு பதிலாக குறிப்பிடப்பட்டுள்ளது. ஸ்ரீரங்கம் கோயிலின் படிகளை அப்பால… Read More அப்பக்குடத்தான், கோவிலடி, தஞ்சாவூர்

Sundararaja Perumal, Anbil, Tiruchirappalli

Brahma’s ego about his powers of creation resulted in his being born on earth, and he prayed here to be relieved of this curse. Siva, as Bhikshatanar, is believed to have worshipped at this temple, on the way from Uttamar Koil to Kandiyur. The temple also has a Mahabharatam connection, and the Pandavas are said to have worshipped at this place. But what unique iconographic representation in the sanctum leads to this being a prarthana sthalam for women seeking to get married? … Read More Sundararaja Perumal, Anbil, Tiruchirappalli

புருஷோத்தம பெருமாள், உத்தமர் கோயில், திருச்சிராப்பள்ளி

உத்தமர் கோயில் அல்லது பிச்சாண்டர் கோயில் திருச்சியின் வடக்கு புறநகரில் அமைந்துள்ளது. தெய்வங்கள் உத்தமர், மத்யமார் மற்றும் அதமர் ஆகிய மூன்று வகைகளில் ஒன்றாக கருதப்படுகிறது. ஒரு அதம தெய்வம் பக்தர்கள் வழிபடாவிட்டால் தண்டிக்கிறார். ஒரு மத்யமா தெய்வம் பக்தர்களுக்கு அவர்களின் வழிபாட்டின் விகிதத்தில் வெகுமதி அளித்து ஆசீர்வதிக்கிறார். உத்தம தெய்வம் வழிபடத் தேவையில்லாமல் கொடுக்கிறது. விஷ்ணு பகவான் உத்தமர்களில் மிக உயர்ந்தவராகக் கருதப்படுகிறார் – புருஷோத்தமர் – அதனால் இந்த கோயில் உத்தமர் கோயில் என்று… Read More புருஷோத்தம பெருமாள், உத்தமர் கோயில், திருச்சிராப்பள்ளி

Purushottama Perumal, Uttamar Koil, Tiruchirappalli

In addition to being a Divya Desam – commonly referred to as Uttamar Koil – this temple is also a “Mummurti Kshetram”, having shrines for Vishnu, Siva and Brahma as well as their consorts. Vishnu, wanting to test Brahma, hid inside a Kadamba tree, and revealed Himself only after a worried Brahma searched everywhere and then surrendered to the Lord! This Chola temple is also a Guru kshetram, as all 7 Gurus are enshrined here. Who are these seven, what are the Ramayanam connections here, the link to Bhikshatanar, and who is an Uttamar? … Read More Purushottama Perumal, Uttamar Koil, Tiruchirappalli

Valvil Raman, Tiruppulaboothangudi, Thanjavur

Referred to in the Brahmanda puranam and Padma puranam, this Divya Desam is connected with the Ramayanam. Thayar arose from the temple tank to be beside Rama, who performed the last rites for Jatayu, who breathed his last at the nearby town of Thyagasamudram. Tirumangai Azhvar realised he was in the presence of a very unique representation of Vishnu, which is how the moolavar here is depicted even today. What is so unique about this? … Read More Valvil Raman, Tiruppulaboothangudi, Thanjavur

ஆண்டளக்கும் ஐயன், ஆதனூர், தஞ்சாவூர்

இது ஒரு குரு பரிகார ஸ்தலம் மற்றும் வைஷ்ணவ நவகிரக ஸ்தலங்களில் ஒன்றாகும், இது கும்பகோணத்தைச் சுற்றியுள்ள நவகிரக ஸ்தலங்களின் குறைவாக அறியப்பட்ட தொகுப்பு ஆகும். காமதேனு லட்சுமிக்கு முன்பாக பாற்கடலை விட்டு வெளியே வந்ததால், மரியாதை மற்றும் வழிபாட்டில் தனக்கு முன்னுரிமை இருப்பதாக உணர்ந்தாள். அவளுக்கு ஒரு பாடம் கற்பிக்க, விஷ்ணு இங்கே ஒரு மரக்கால் (தானியங்களை அளவிட ஒரு உருளை கொள்கலன், படி என்றும் அழைக்கப்படுகிறது) கொடுத்து, அதில் ஐஸ்வர்யம் நிரப்பும்படி கூறினார். காமதேனுவின்… Read More ஆண்டளக்கும் ஐயன், ஆதனூர், தஞ்சாவூர்

Lakshmi Narayana Perumal, Vanathirajapuram, Nagapattinam

Basic information about the temple Moolavar: Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Ambal / Thayar: Sridevi, Bhoodevi Deity: Perumal Historical name: Vriksham: Teertham: Agamam: Vaikanasa Age (years): 1000-2000 Timing: to & to Parikaram: Temple group: – Sung by: Temple set: Navagraham: Nakshatram: City / town: Vanathirajapuram District: Nagapattinam Maps from (click): Current location Mayiladuthurai (5 km) Kumbakonam (34… Read More Lakshmi Narayana Perumal, Vanathirajapuram, Nagapattinam

Saranatha Perumal, Tirucherai, Thanjavur

This Divya Desam temple and Vaishnava Navagraha Sthalam (for Sani’s son Mandi) near Kumbakonam, is connected with the Story of how Kumbakonam came into existence. The temple is also known as the pancha sara kshetram, as it covers 5 essences (or Sarams) at one go. The Kaveri river was upset at not being regarded as the holiest of rivers, and so performed penance upon Vishnu, who granted her three wishes. What unique iconographic representation is there at this temple, as a result of this event?… Read More Saranatha Perumal, Tirucherai, Thanjavur

கஜேந்திர வரத பெருமாள், கபிஸ்தலம், தஞ்சாவூர்

பெருமாள் – ராமராக – அனுமனுக்கு (கபி = குரங்கு) பிரத்யக்ஷம் கொடுத்த தலங்களில் இதுவும் ஒன்று என்று கூறப்படுகிறது, எனவே இந்த இடம் கபிஸ்தலம் அல்லது கபிஸ்தலம் என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது. புராணங்களின் மற்றொரு விளக்கம், இது பல கவிஞர்களின் வீடு என்று கூறுகிறது, எனவே இந்த இடம் கவிஸ்தலம் என்றும் அழைக்கப்படுகிறது. கஜேந்திர மோக்ஷ நிகழ்வுகள் நடந்த இடமாக இது கருதப்படுகிறது. மன்னன் இந்திரத்யும்னன் விஷ்ணுவின் தீவிர பக்தன், இறைவனை தியானம் செய்யும் போது தன்னை… Read More கஜேந்திர வரத பெருமாள், கபிஸ்தலம், தஞ்சாவூர்

Dasavathara Perumal, Murappanadu, Tirunelveli

This serene Perumal temple near the banks of the Tambraparani, in Murappanadu, is also called the Dasavatara Kshetram. This place is believed to be referenced by Veda Vyasa in his Tambraparani Mahatmiyam, and was also called Bhagavata Kshetram in the past. The sthala puranam here is about Mitrasagar, an entertainer who enacted only the puranams of Lord Vishnu. But how is this connected to the ashtakshara mantram?… Read More Dasavathara Perumal, Murappanadu, Tirunelveli

Brihan Madhavan, Kodaganallur, Tirunelveli

This Perumal temple on the banks of the Tambraparani is likely from the early Pandya period, though the inscriptions here are from the later Pandyas in the 12th and 13th century CE. The temple is most famous for the special pujas conducted for Garuda, who is depicted carrying the pot of nectar (amrtam) here. But what is the reason for the name of the place, and also why the temple is a sarpa dosha nivritti sthalam?… Read More Brihan Madhavan, Kodaganallur, Tirunelveli

Vijayasanar, Natham, Thoothukudi

Also known as Varagunamangai (after Varagunamavalli Thayar here), this Nava Tirupati Divya Desam temple located near Tirunelveli is dedicated to Chandran. The temple is devoid of a Navagraham shrine since Vishnu here represents all the planets. But what lesson did sage Romaharshana give his disciple, after seeing a locally despised fisherman die and his soul ascend to heaven? … Read More Vijayasanar, Natham, Thoothukudi

Kaisinivendhan Perumal, Tirupuliangudi, Tirunelveli

This Nava Tirupati temple is associated with Budhan, is where Indra was relieved of a curse, and Vishnu gave appeared to Varuna and Yama. Vishnu Himself represents the Navagraham here, and so there is no separate Navagraham shrine. This is where Sage Vasishta’s curse on Yagnasarma was relieved. But what is different about devotees having Lord Vishnu’s pada darsanam at this temple? … Read More Kaisinivendhan Perumal, Tirupuliangudi, Tirunelveli

Srinivasa Perumal, Tholaivillimangalam, Thoothukudi

Eighth in the series of Nava Tirupati temples between Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi, this is one of two twin-temples – called the Irattai Tirupati – in the village of Tholaivillimangalam, near Tirunelveli. This is a Rahu sthalam, associated with Nammazhvar, and part of the annual Garuda Sevai utsavam that covers all the Nava Tirupati temples. But what makes this temple inseparable from the other Vishnu temple for Perumal as Aravindalochanar, located just a few meters away? … Read More Srinivasa Perumal, Tholaivillimangalam, Thoothukudi

Makara Netunkuzhai Kaadar, Thenthirupperai, Thoothukudi

At this Nava Tirupati temple in the Tirunelveli region, Perumal is adorned with earrings shaped like fish, which were given to Him by Bhudevi, and this explains His name at this place. This Navagraham temple is a Sukra sthalam, associated with Nammazhvar, and part of the annual Garuda Sevai utsavam that covers all the Nava Tirupati temples. But why is this place called Tiru-Perai? … Read More Makara Netunkuzhai Kaadar, Thenthirupperai, Thoothukudi

Vaithamanidhi Perumal, Tirukolur, Thoothukudi

This Divya Desam temple in the Thoothukudi district is one of the Nava Tirupati temples of Vishnu that are associated with the Navagraham; this temple is associated with Sevvaai (Mars). Since Vishnu Himself depicts the planetary deities, this temple (as with the other Nava Tirupati temples) does not have a separate Navagraham shrine. The temple’s sthala puranam is about Kubera losing his wealth after being cursed by Parvati, and worshipping Vishnu to retrieve it, which also gives the Lord His name at this temple. … Read More Vaithamanidhi Perumal, Tirukolur, Thoothukudi

ஆதிநாதப் பெருமாள், ஆழ்வார்திருநகரி, தூத்துக்குடி

இது நவ திருப்பதி ஸ்தலங்களில் ஐந்தாவது மற்றும் குருவிற்கு அர்ப்பணிக்கப்பட்டது. விஷ்ணுவின் மறு அவதாரமாகக் கருதப்படும் நம்மாழ்வார் பிறந்த இடம் இது. ராமர் தனது மறுபிறவியின் முடிவை நெருங்கிக் கொண்டிருந்தார், அதற்கு மூன்று நாட்களுக்கு முன்பு முடிவை உணர்ந்து யாரையும் தொந்தரவு செய்ய அனுமதிக்க வேண்டாம் என்று லட்சுமணனிடம் கூறினார். இந்த நேரத்தில் துர்வாச முனிவர் ராமரைப் பார்க்க வந்தார், அவரது கோபத்திற்கு பயந்து, லக்ஷ்மணன் அவரை ராமரைப் பார்க்க அனுமதித்தார். அவர் கலக்கமடைந்ததால், ராமர் கோபமடைந்து,… Read More ஆதிநாதப் பெருமாள், ஆழ்வார்திருநகரி, தூத்துக்குடி

Vaikuntanatha Perumal, Srivaikundam, Tirunelveli

Considered as the first in the series of the Nava Tirupati temples near Tirunelveli, this temple is dedicated to Suryan. The sthala puranam here is of Perumal who took the form of a thief to protect another thief (who shared his takings with the Lord, due to his devotion!). To protect the thief, Vishnu took the form of a thief Himself (giving Him the name Kallapiran), and reasoned with the king as to why there was social inequity! This temple is also connected with Vishnu retrieving the Vedas stolen from Brahma. But why is the name Paal-Pandi commonly given to men in this region? … Read More Vaikuntanatha Perumal, Srivaikundam, Tirunelveli

Tiru Vazh Marban, Tirupatisaram, Kanyakumari

Vishnu appeared here at the request of the sages who were staying and meditating at Suchindram. The pleasant countenance of Vishnu who appeared then, is perhaps linked to Prahlada’s request to see the Lord in a pleasing form, as a change from the ferocity displayed during the Narasimhavataram. This Divya Desam is also the birthplace of Nammazhvar. But how is this temple connected to both the Ramayanam and Mahabharatam? … Read More Tiru Vazh Marban, Tirupatisaram, Kanyakumari

Thothadri Nathan, Nanguneri, Tirunelveli

Bhoomadevi lost her purity after Madhu and Kaitabha’s slaying by Vishnu caused a world-pervading odour. She worshipped Vishnu here, who blessed her to be cleaned of the impurities. This is a swayam-vyakta kshetram, and eleven of the murtis here are considered to be swayambhu murtis. But how is this temple unique, as regards the Vaishnavite philosophy of Saranagati? … Read More Thothadri Nathan, Nanguneri, Tirunelveli

ஹர சாப விமோசன பெருமாள், கண்டியூர், தஞ்சாவூர்

சிவபெருமானின் பிரம்மஹத்தி தோஷம் அழிக்கப்பட்டதால் இத்தலத்தின் பெயர் – கண்டியூர் – என்று கூறப்படுகிறது. “கண்டி” என்பது திருவிழாக்கள் மற்றும் விழாக்களின் போது அணியும் ஆயுதங்களைக் குறிக்கிறது என்றும் ஒரு கருத்து உள்ளது, மேலும் இந்த நகரம் நந்தியின் திருமணத்திற்கு அவற்றை வழங்கியது. இந்த ஊர் குடமுருட்டி மற்றும் வெண்ணாற்றின் நடுவே அமைந்துள்ளது. பிக்ஷாதனாரின் புராணங்களில் ஒன்று, சிவபெருமான் ஆணவத்திற்கு தண்டனையாக, பிரம்மாவின் தலைகளில் ஒன்றை பறித்ததற்காக அவருக்கு பிரம்மஹத்தி தோஷம் ஏற்படுகிறது. பிரிக்கப்பட்ட மண்டை ஓடு… Read More ஹர சாப விமோசன பெருமாள், கண்டியூர், தஞ்சாவூர்