Temples and people requiring support

Based on our visits as we all information from other sources, I have identified certain cases of temples that require support. These temples are listed below. In some cases it is the temple itself that needs support, and in other cases it is not so much the temple, but those in service of the temple, who need assistance. The nature of assistance needed may be financial, or in kind (eg, providing oil, rice, etc to the temple), or in some cases, just visiting the temple.

We do not collect any funds on behalf of anyone.

If you wish to contribute to a particular temple or person, you may please contact them directly. Prior to contributing, please verify the specific needs and the nature of support needed, with the person directly.

On the temple’s page, we have included contact information, wherever possible. If that is not there, the best way to do this would be to connect in person with those that need the support.

If you have contributed to a particular temple, I request that you make a comment to that effect below, so that others who wish to provide support can do so to other deserving cases. Thank you.

The above list will be updated regularly. Also, if you wish to notify us of any temple that requires support, please use the comments section below, and I will add that here.