Nindra Narayana Perumal, Tiruthangal, Virudhunagar

Basic information about the temple

Moolavar:Nindra Narayana PerumalAmbal / Thayar:Rakthapankajavalli
Deity:PerumalHistorical name:Tiruthangal

Age (years):


Timing:7 to 12 & 6 to 8Parikaram:

Temple group:Divya Desam
Sung by:

Temple set:



City / town:TiruthangalDistrict:Virudhunagar
Maps from (click): Current location Virudhunagar (24 km)Madurai (73 km)

Theni (85 km)Thoothukudi (104 km)


Sthala puranam and temple information

Usha, the granddaughter of Mahabali, dreamt of a handsome youth and decided that she would marry only him. After describing the youth to her friend, they realized that she had dreamt of Aniruddha, grandson of Krishna. Finding no other way to convey her intentions, Usha and her friends kidnapped Aniruddha from Dwaraka. He too fell in love with Usha, and they got married according to Gandharva rites. Usha’s father Vanasuran wanted to kill Aniruddha, but a celestial voice warned him that any harm to Aniruddha would result in Vanasuran’s clan being wiped out, so Vanasuran imprisoned Aniruddha. Coming to know of this, Krishna fought and killed Vanasuran and released Aniruddha. The couple then got married with proper rites, and Krishna attended the wedding. At the request of the couple, Perumal stayed here in nindra kolam, and so is called Nindra Narayana Perumal.

In order to settle a dispute as to who was the best among Vishnu’s consorts, Sridevi came here to perform penance. Seeing her piety, Vishnu descended from Vaikuntam and proclaimed her as the best, after which Sridevi remained at this place. As She is also called Tiru, this place is called Tiruthangal (the place where Tiru stayed).

There is another legend connected with the above. A banyan tree got into an argument with Adiseshan on who was superior, and Brahma adjudged Adiseshan to be the winner because he was always with Vishnu. Disappointed, the tree performed penance. Vishnu appeared to the tree and told it to stay on this hillock, where Mahalakshmi would come, and that He would bless the tree by staying in the place when he came to accept Mahalakshmi back. The tree stayed here, and the hillock is called Thanga-ala-malai (the hill where the banyan stayed).

The temple is referred to in the Brahmanda Puranam, in the story of Pururavas, who was asked by sages to perform penance at Tiruthangal in his old age, after he had given up his kingdom to his sons.

Chandraketu was the son of Lakshmana (from Ramayanam), who became a tiger (puli in Tamil) because he took a bath after ekadasi fasting, before the scheduled time. One version says that Lakshmanan worshipped Lord Vishnu here and Chandraketu was restored. In another version, Devendra Vallabha hunted down the tiger after a celestial voice informed him that killing the tiger would release Chandraketu. There is a hillock called puli-parai (tiger-rock) and also a pond named Devendra Kulam, nearby.

It is believed that Ranganathar left Srirangam to marry Andal at Srivilliputhur. As it was getting late, He spent the night here.

This temple is over 1500 years old, and is built on two levels, on top of a small hillock. Structural additions have been made to this temple by the Pandyas, Vijayanagara dynasty and the Nayaks. There are inscriptions in the temple referring to Maravarman Kulasekara Pandyan and Maravarman Sundara Pandyan. More recently, two philanthropists named Ramanujadasa and Narayanadasa constructed additional mandapams at the temple.

Perumal is seen with four consorts (Sridevi, Bhudevi, Neeladevi and Jambavati who Krishna had married). Garuda is seen with a snake in one hand and the amrita kalasam (pot of celestial nectar) in another. Unusually, Thayar at this temple is also seen in nindra kolam (usually Thayar is in amarndha kolam, ie, seated).

Other information for your visit

Adjacent to the Perumal temple is also a separate temple for Siva as Karunellinathar, and a hilltop Murugan temple on the same hillock, accessible from the Siva temple. The Siva temple itself connected to the Perumal temple. The Murugan shrine is particularly peaceful and serene.


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