Sundararaja Perumal, Vellur, Pudukkottai

Basic information about the temple

Moolavar:Sundararaja PerumalAmbal / Thayar:Sridevi, Bhudevi
Deity:PerumalHistorical name:

Age (years):

Timing: to & to Parikaram:

Temple group:
Sung by:

Temple set:



City / town:VellurDistrict:Pudukkottai
Maps from (click): Current location Karaikudi (55 km)Pudukkottai (69 km)

Thanjavur (101 km)Ramanathapuram (106 km)


Sthala puranam and temple information

Located 6km from Manamelkudi and 20km from Avudaiyar Kovil is this dilapidated temple in an absolutely terrible state, despite it being located on the main road in full view of passers-by.

The entrance gopuram and the outer walls on the east look like they are ready to crumble at any moment. Once we step in, we find the remnants of what used to be either a dhwajasthambam or bali peetham, and the broken remains of a mandapam.

One can potentially step inside (as I did), where there is a longish corridor with niches on both sides, with plants and moss growing all over. We were advised by a caretaker (more on that below) not to proceed further into the antarala, as even she did not know what horrors awaited us there.

To the south is a magizham tree under which there are some Nagar vigrahams. On the northern side is a tin roof shed under which the main deities and other vigrahams of the temple are kept. These include Sundararaja Perumal, Sridevi, Bhudevi, Vishwaksena, Anjaneyar, Garudar, Sri Ramanujar, and a murti of what we were informed was Vishnu Durgai.

About 1km from this temple, to the south, is the temple for Siva as Sridhareswarar. That temple and this Perumal temple seem to be competing for the position of which is the more abandoned temple between them; such is the state of things.

If any of our readers are interested in helping out, you may visit the temple and find out from the caretaker / priest. Alternatively, if you could help by bringing this to the attention of the relevant authorities, so that necessary action is taken promptly.

Other information for your visit

The person taking are of the temple (I don’t want to use the word “caretaker” as I don’t think that is her official role) lives in a small house by the southern wall of the temple. She was gracious enough to show us around and share with us what little information she had about the temple, despite the time of day.

There are no temple timings as such. The temple does not have a door and so is permanently open. However, if you are passing by the area, you may contact the lady next door for any assistance, and also make any offerings you would like to make to the temple, to her.


Caretaker lives adjacent to the temple. No phone number available.

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