Avinashiappar, Avinashi, Tiruppur

Basic information about the temple

Moolavar:AvinashiapparAmbal / Thayar:KaruNambikai
Deity:SivaHistorical name:TiruppukkoLiyur Avinasi
Vriksham:PathiriTeertham:Kasi Teertham, Naga Kannika Teertham, Airavata Teertham

Age (years):

Timing:5 to 12 & 4 to 8Parikaram:

Temple group:Paadal Petra Sthalam (Kongu Nadu)
Sung by:

, Sundarar

Temple set:



City / town:AvinashiDistrict:Tiruppur
Maps from (click): Current location Tiruppur (15 km)Ooty (48 km)

Coimbatore (49 km)Erode (65 km)


Avinashi is located northeast of outside Coimbatore, on the road to Erode.

Sthala puranam and temple information

Vinasam means destruction, and a-vinasam means indestructible. The down derives its name from the story of a boy swallowed by a crocodile a few years earlier, restored to life upon Sundarar singing a pathigam.

There is a saying “Kasiyil vasi avinasi”, indicating that this sthalam is the equivalent of Kasi as regards the blessings the devotee receives upon worshipping Lord Siva here. This may also be linked to the fact that Avinasiappar and Bhairavar at this temple, as also the Kasi Teertham, are said to have been brought here from Kasi.

When Sundarar was walking through the town of Avinashi on the way to Chera Nadu, he observed two houses opposite each other in different moods. One house was celebrating the upanayanam (thread ceremony) of their eight-year old son, while the other was mourning the loss of their son who would have also had his upanayanam then, but had been swallowed by a crocodile a few years earlier. This upset Sundarar so much, that he went to the Lord Avinashiappar and sang pathigams asking for the child to be returned. At the end of the fourth pathigam, Lord Siva appeared and ordered the crocodile to return the child. And indeed, the child came out, hale and healthy, having grown up to be an eight year old boy. In the Panguni (March-April) Brahmotsavam of the temple, this event is celebrated for three days, as Mudalai Vai Pillai (boy from the mouth of the crocodile).

Brahma worshipped Lord Siva for 100 years in this temple, while Airavata (Indra’s celestial elephant) worshipped Lord Siva for 12 years.

The much-feared Sani is very benevolent at this temple, and is called Nalla Sanisvaran. In a departure from norm, the idol of Sanisvaran has his right leg on the crow (his vehicle) and left leg on the peetham. He also holds a bow and arrow in his hands.

The Sthala vriksham – the Padiri tree (trumpet flower) – flowers only once a year during the temple’s Brahmotsavam.

The original complex of this temple is from Chola times, while the outer portions were added during the Madurai Nayak period. The Mysore dynasty also has a close association with this temple, and so, before occupying the throne, the new king brings a Lingam from Kasi and prays here.

There are two Ammans at this temple – one is seen undertaking penance separately, and the other is with Lord Siva. Murugan has a shrine between Siva and Parvathi indicating this to be a Somaskanda sthalam. Lord Vishnu, who is normally seen in the koshtam, is enshrined in the kodimaram opposite Lord Siva. There are 32 Vinayakars here in this temple.

Manikkavasagar sung pathigams on this temple, from Madurai itself.

Other information for your visit

The Tirumuruganathaswami temple at Tirumuruganpoondi is close by (8 km) from Avinashi.


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