The primordial couple – the stories of Siva-Parvati weddings

Stories of Siva and Parvati’s marriage(s)… Read More The primordial couple – the stories of Siva-Parvati weddings

Tiru Vazh Marban, Tirupatisaram, Kanyakumari

Vishnu appeared here at the request of the sages who were staying and meditating at Suchindram. The pleasant countenance of Vishnu who appeared then, is perhaps linked to Prahlada’s request to see the Lord in a pleasing form, as a change from the ferocity displayed during the Narasimhavataram. This Divya Desam is also the birthplace of Nammazhvar. But how is this temple connected to both the Ramayanam and Mahabharatam? … Read More Tiru Vazh Marban, Tirupatisaram, Kanyakumari

Yogeswarar, Putheri, Kanyakumari

Basic information about the temple Moolavar: Yogeswarar Ambal / Thayar: x Deity: Aiyanar/Sastha Historical name: Vriksham: Teertham: Agamam: Age (years): Timing: 6.30 to 7.30 & 6.30 to 8.30 Parikaram: Temple group: – Sung by: Temple set: Navagraham: Nakshatram: City / town: Putheri District: Kanyakumari Maps from (click): Current location Nagercoil (6 km) Kanyakumari (23 km)… Read More Yogeswarar, Putheri, Kanyakumari