Someswarar, Pazhayarai, Thanjavur

Basic information about the temple

Moolavar:SomeswararAmbal / Thayar:Somakamalambikai
Deity:SivaHistorical name:Pazhaiyarai Keezh Thali
Vriksham:NelliTeertham:Soma Teertham

Age (years):

Timing:6 to 11 & 4 to 8.30Parikaram:

Temple group:
Sung by:

, Appar

Temple set:

Pazhaiyarai Pancha Krosha Sthalam



City / town:PazhayaraiDistrict:Thanjavur
Maps from (click): Current location Kumbakonam (6 km)Thanjavur (36 km)

Tiruvarur (41 km)Mayiladuthurai (43 km)


Pazhayarai is located 7km southeast of Kumbakonam.

Sthala puranam and temple information

Pazhayarai was once a capital city of the Cholas. Sundara Chola ruled from here and Raja Raja Chola I grew up as a child here. It is said that he used to visit every day to pray to the Lord. The temple is a maadakoil built in the shape of a chariot, and was built by Kochchenga Cholan, and subsequently remodelled by the later Cholas.

This is the birthplace of Mangayarkarasi Nayanar and the Lord here has been sung in praise by Sambandar, Appar, Sundarar, and also Sekkizhar.

The lord is a Swambhu murti. Chandran had prayed here to Lord Siva for relief from kayarokam, afterwhich his radiance increased by they day and he was also relieved of his breathing problems.

Appar undertook fasting here after he re-converted to Saivism from Jainism.

This temple is part of the Pazhayarai Pancha Krosha Sthalams, which is one out of four sets of Pancha Krosha Sthalams in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that visiting these six temples (Pazhayarai, Nallur, Tiruvalanchuzhi, Sakti Muttram, Patteeswaram and Avoor) along with this temple in a single day is be beneficial to devotees.

Garuda was carrying the nectar obtained from Indra for the cure of his mother. On the way he had to fight with the demons, during which, three drops of nectar fell on the ground. One drop became Lord Siva, another became Parvati, and the third became a holy spring. Garuda took bath in the spring and won over the demons. The spring made by Garuda is called Jatayu Theertham.

During the Chola period, this temple was in the centre of Pazhayarai, surrounded by four main temples in the four cardinal directions – Keezhthali (east), Metrali (west), Vadathali (north) and Thenthali (south). Kamadhenu, the wish-fulfilling sacred cow of Devaloka, had four daughters – Patti worshipped at Keezhthali which is Patteeswaram (the village is named after her); Vimali worshipped at Vadathali; Sabali at Metrali and Nandhini at Thehthali (Muzhayur).

Other information for your visit

Kumbakonam is a temple town, and there are a number of temples in and around Kumbakonam. Please visit the pages on Kumbakonam, Near: Kumbakonam, and Near 25: Kumbakonam, for more information on these.

Kumbakonam and its outskirts have several accommodation options for all budgets, including some resorts.



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