Using this site

This blog has been developed over many years, and so elements have been added at various times, based on thoughts, suggestions, inputs from readers, etc. As a result, there are a lot of aspects of the blog that one may find difficult to navigate through. With this in mind, I have put together the following list of things on how the blog is structured, and suggestions for how to get the most out of it. Hope you like it!

All links are displayed (with or without underline) in a vivid red colour or in blue (depending on the device you’re viewing on), in the text. Links are mostly to a temple, tag or other post within the blog, though some links are external. Normally, all links will open on new tabs.

Top menu bar

Available on all pages, this has some key reference information to aid your visits.

Temple groups is a page listing out some important groups/circuits of temples that are commonly recognised as a theme (eg, Paadal Petra Sthalams, Kumbakonam Navagraha Sthalams, etc). Useful if you are looking for information on temples with a certain theme.

Temples map provides a map of all temples I have currently listed for this project. It is not a list of all temples that exist, or a list of all temples that are featured on this blog. In my view, this feature his is particularly useful if you are on the road, and have a mobile device, and works best with the location / GPS turned on. Clicking on the map will open Google maps, and take you by default to your current location (assuming GPS is turned on). You can zoom in or out to see temples with respect to your current location. I personally use this a lot as it gives the ability to locate temples near one’s current location. I strongly encourage using this feature. On the map, you can get further information by clicking on the temple name and swiping up (on a mobile device; if you’re on a PC, check the attributes on the left). If that temple has a page on this blog, that will also show up as a link.

Categories – Temples, Articles, Others

Every post is tagged with one or more of these categories. Temples refers to a post about a specific temple. Articles are general interest posts which may in turn refer to one or more temples. Others is exactly that – posts that don’t primarily feature a temple or a general interest topic! A list of categories is available on the left menu bar on all pages.

Recent posts under each category also appear in the column next to the right sidebar, and are grouped by category.


Each post has one or more tags, representing aspects of the post (eg, a post on the Airavateswarar temple in Darasuram has close to 20 tags – these appear at the bottom of the post, after the related posts section. Clicking on a tag will take you to a list of other posts with the same tag – this way, you can search by a specific theme (eg, Airavata tag will list out all posts which have a reference to Airavata).

Accommodation provides some information on accommodation options in all key cities/towns in Tamil Nadu. These are just some of the places we have been to or heard about. (Some individual posts on temples also have information on accommodation.)

Nothing is permanent! So this entire project and blog are work in progress at all times, so there will always be changes to these information.

Locating older posts

Older posts (ie those not displayed on the home page) are available using either the archives or calendar feature on the left menu bar.