Why this blog might be for you!

This blog started as an extension of my road trips covering as many temples as I can. It is my personal pet project. While I knew some of the basics of each temple I visited, I found out more about may of those places, after my visit. As devotees, I felt it was important to know why one is visiting a temple, in advance, and what to look for in a particular temple.

But is this blog for you? It is, if you are interested in…

visiting temples (hopefully there will be more of that post the pandemic!)

reading about temples, their history, etc (Just subscribe to updates on the side bar on the home page)

listening to / watching short clips about temples and their puranams (if you don’t have the time to read) (visit our Youtube channel, and also subscribe)…just click here.

mythology, myths and legends

mutual learning as we go on this journey together, and discovering more about temples and our culture

…good old road trips and visiting places never seen before.

The How to best use this blog section provides more information on maximising value reading this blog. Also read the About us section to know the origin and objectives of this project.

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And if you are interested in contributing to this blog (content, technology and support, just about anything), please email me.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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