Navagraham temple groups

There are several temples which are associated with the Navagraham – the 9 planetary deities, which are: Suryan (Sun), Chandran (Moon), Sevvaai (Mars), Budhan (Mercury), Guru or Brhaspati (Jupiter), Sukran (Venus), Sani (Saturn), Rahu (lunar head node) and Ketu (lunar tail node). Sometimes, Mandi (the son of Sani) is also included, making it a total of 10 temples.

That is to say, these deities are not the primary deity of the temple, but are closely associated with them. The temples themselves are typically for Siva or Vishnu. This is because Siva and Vishnu are the adipathis of the Navagrahams.

The reason these are called Navagraham temples is usually because according to the sthala puranam of those temples, the relevant planetary deity installed the primary deity at that temple, worshipped there, or benefited in some way because of the primary deity at that temple. Rahu and Ketu are also often associated with those temples where there is a sthala puranam involving snakes, in some form.

The set of Navagraham temples around Kumbakonam are well known. These are Siva temples with each of them having an association with one of the Navagraham deities.

Kumbakonam Navagraham temples

The Kumbakonam Navagraham temples are as below:

SuryanSunSuryan, Suryanarkoil, Thanjavur
Chandran (Thingal)MoonKailasanathar, Thingalur, Thanjavur
SevvaaiMarsVaidyanathar, Vaitheeswaran Koil, Nagapattinam
BudhanMercurySwetaranyeswarar, Tiruvenkadu, Nagapattinam
Guru / BrhaspatiJupiterAbatsahayeswarar, Alangudi, Tiruvarur
SukranVenusAgneeswarar, Kanjanoor, Thanjavur
SaniSaturnDarbaranyeswarar, Tirunallar, Karaikal
RahuLunar head nodeNageswarar, Tirunageswaram, Thanjavur
KetuLunar tail nodeNaganathar, Kilperumpallam, Nagapattinam

While these are called the Kumbakonam Navagraham temples, none of them is actually in Kumbakonam. However, on a map, it is clear that they are easily reached with Kumbakonam as a central point.

Below are all the posts on this site, on the Kumbakonam Navagraham temples.

Kumbakonam Vaishnava Navagraham temples

Unlike the Kumbakonam Navagraham Siva temples, most of the Vaishnava Navagraham temples are in, or within a short distance from, Kumbakonam. Only Tirukudalur (23km) and Tirucherai (17km) are a bit further out.

SuryanSunSarngapani, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur
Chandran (Thingal)MoonJagannatha Perumal, Nathan Koil, Thanjavur
SevvaaiMarsSrinivasa Perumal, Nachiyar Koil, Thanjavur
BudhanMercuryValvil Raman, Tiruppulaboothangudi, Thanjavur
Guru / BrhaspatiJupiterAndalakkum Aiyan, Adhanoor, Thanjavur
SukranVenusKolavilli Ramar, Tiruvelliyangudi, Thanjavur
SaniSaturnOppiliappan, Tirunageswaram, Thanjavur
RahuLunar head nodeGajendra Varada Perumal, Kabisthalam, Thanjavur
KetuLunar tail nodeVaiyam Katha Perumal, Tirukudalur, Thanjavur
Mandi Saranatha Perumal, Tirucherai, Thanjavur

Nava Tirupati refers to a grouping of 9 temples, each one associated with one of the Nava Grahams (nine planets or cosmic bodies), which are all said to have been worshipped by Nammazhvar. All the Nava Tirupati temples are located in Thoothukudi District, between Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi. The nine temples are:

SuryanSunVaikunta Natha Perumal, Srivaikundam, Tirunelveli
Chandran (Thingal)MoonVijayasanar, Natham, Thoothukudi
SevvaaiMarsVaithamanidhi Perumal, Tirukolur, Thoothukudi
BudhanMercuryKaisinivendhan Perumal, Tirupuliangudi, Tirunelveli
Guru / BrhaspatiJupiterAadinatha Perumal, Azhvartirunagari, Thoothukudi
SukranVenusMakara Netunkuzhai Kaadar, ThenTiruperai, Tirunelveli
SaniSaturnMayakoothar, Perunkulam, Tirunelveli
RahuLunar head nodeAravindalochanar, Tholaivillimangalam, Thoothukudi
KetuLunar tail nodeSrinivasa Perumal, Tholaivillimangalam, Thoothukudi

Nava Kailasam refers to a grouping of 9 Siva temples, each one associated with one of the Nava Grahams (nine planets or cosmic bodies). All the Nava Kailasam temples are located in either Tirunelveli district or Thoothukudi district, on the banks of the Tamiraparani river, and are associated with the legend of Sages Agastya and Romaharshana.

Sage Romaharshana requested his preceptor – Sage Agastyar – to guide him in the worship of Siva. Agastyar floated nine lotus flowers from his hermitage at Agastyar Malai, down the Tambraparani river, and told his disciple to follow the flowers, and at every place that a flower touched the banks of the river, to build a temple for Siva there and worship the Lord, along with the relevant planetary deity. The first place the flower stopped was at Papanasam, and this is where the Nava Kailasam temple trail starts. It ends in Sendha Poo Mangalam, which was where the last flower stopped, before the river merged with the sea.

SuryanSunPapanasanathar, Papanasam, Tirunelveli
Chandran (Thingal)MoonAmmainathar, Cheranmahadevi, Tirunelveli
SevvaaiMarsKailasanathar, Kodaganallur, Tirunelveli
BudhanMercuryKailasanathar, ThenTiruperai, Tirunelveli
Guru / BrhaspatiJupiterKailasanathar, Murappanadu, Tirunelveli
SukranVenusKailasanathar, Senthapoomangalam, Thoothukudi
SaniSaturnKailasanathar, Srivaikundam, Tirunelveli
RahuLunar head nodeGotha Parameswarar, Kunnathur, Tirunelveli
KetuLunar tail nodeKailasanathar, Rajapathy, Thoothukudi

The Gotha Parameswarar temple at Kunnathur is also considered the equivalent of Kalahasti, another Rahu sthalam, and is part of the set of 3 temples considered equivalent to Tirupati (the other two being at Keela Tiruvenkatanathapuram, representing Keezh Tirupati, and Mela Tiruvenkatanathapuram, representing Tirumala).

Chennai Navagraham temples

In and around Chennai, are nine temples which are regarded as a set of Navagraham temples. These are:

SuryanSunAgasteeswarar, Kolapakkam, Chennai
Chandran (Thingal)MoonSomanatheswarar, Somangalam, Kanchipuram
SevvaaiMarsVaitheeswaran, Poonamallee, Chennai
BudhanMercuryTirumeneeswarar, Kovur, Chennai
Guru / BrhaspatiJupiterRamanaadeswarar, Porur, Chennai
SukranVenusVelleeswarar, Mangadu, Kanchipuram
SaniSaturnAgasteeswarar, Pozhichalur, Kanchipuram
RahuLunar head nodeNageswarar, Kunrathur, Kanchipuram
KetuLunar tail nodeNeelakanteswarar, Gerugambakkam, Chennai

Note: As of now, none of the above Chennai temples have been updated on this site.

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