Siddha Natheswarar, Tirunaraiyur, Thanjavur

Basic information about the temple

Moolavar:Siddha NatheswararAmbal / Thayar:Soundara Nayaki, Parvathavarthini
Deity:SivaHistorical name:Tirunaraiyurchchittechuram
Vriksham:PavazhamalliTeertham:Jada Teertham, Sidhamirtha Teertham, Kadika Teertham, Soola Teertham

Age (years):

Timing:6 to 12 & 4.30 to 8Parikaram:

Skin disease

Temple group:Paadal Petra Sthalam (Kaveri Then Karai)
Sung by:

Sambandar, Sundarar

Temple set:



City / town:TirunaraiyurDistrict:Thanjavur
Maps from (click): Current location Kumbakonam (8 km)Tiruvarur (32 km)

Mayiladuthurai (35 km)Thanjavur (46 km)


Tirunaraiyur (not to be confused with Tirunaaraiyur near Kaatumannarkoil) is located very close to Nachiyar Koil near Kumbakonam.

Sthala puranam and temple information

This temple’s puranam is closely connected with the puranam of Srinivasa Perumal temple at Nachiyar Koil.

Sage Medhavi prayed to Lord Siva to get Mahalakshmi as his daughter. In turn, Lord Siva put forth His devotee’s request to Lord Vishnu. Accordingly, Lakshmi appeared as a small child in a lotus flower in the temple tank, and was brought up sage Medhavi as his daughter, named Vanjuladevi. The child was very keen to get married to Lord Vishnu, which happened when she attained marriageable age, in the presence of Lord Siva and Parvati.

Even today, on festival days like Pongal and Deepavali, piranthaveetu seer is sent from this temple to Nachiyar Koil, as this is considered the home of Lakshmi.

On the day after Vaikunta Ekadasi, Lord Siva and Parvati visit Nachiyar Koil. As Goddess Lakshmi was born here, there is a separate shrine for her as Mazhalai (infant) Lakshmi.

Gorakka Siddhar was suffering from an unknown skin disease due to curse by Devas. He prayed to Lord Siva here, and was rid of his disease. Similarly, a person called Chitraguptan was rid of his skin disease after applying the abhishekam oil at this temple. For this reason, Lord Siva here is called Siddha Natheswarar. Devotees with skin disease come and pray here to the Siddhar for cure.

Naran was cursed by Sage Durvasa to become a bird, and was rid of his curse after praying here. For this reason, this place is also called Narapuram.

There is a sculpture of Naran worshipping Lord Siva near the lingodhbhavar idol on the rear of the garbhagriham.

The temple is from the Chola period, and it is regarded that not many changes have been made to the temple, by subsequent dynasties.

The shrine of Navagrahas is in front of Dakshinamurti, and devotees with grahadhosham pray to both deities.

Brahma, Chandran, Kubera, Arjuna and Markandeyan are said to have worshipped here.

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