Aiyarappar, Tiruvaiyaru, Thanjavur

Basic information about the temple

Moolavar:AiyarapparAmbal / Thayar:Dharmasamvardhini, AramvaLarthanayaki
Deity:SivaHistorical name:Tiruvaiyaaru
Vriksham:VilvamTeertham:Surya Teertham, Ayana Teertham, Kaveri

Age (years):

Timing:6 to 11 & 4 to 8.30Parikaram:

Temple group:Paadal Petra Sthalam (Kaveri Vada Karai)
Sung by:

Sambandar, Appar, Sundarar

Temple set:

Tiruvaiyaru Sapta Sthanam temple




City / town:TiruvaiyaruDistrict:Thanjavur
Maps from (click): Current location Thanjavur (15 km)Ariyalur (35 km)

Kumbakonam (40 km)Perambalur (58 km)


Sthala puranam and temple information

The traditional belief is that Tiruvaiyaru and the Lord there get their name from the fact that five rivers (aindhu aaru, in Tamil) need to be crossed to reach the place (or it is the confluence of the five rivers – Kaveri, Kudamurutti, Vadavaru, Vennar, Vettar). However, according to one puranam, Pancha Nadeeswarar (Aiyarappar in Sanskrit), is a corruption of Pancha Naadeswarar. The puranam says that Japesar’s penance (see puranam on the Tirumazhapadi Vaidyanathar temple) was so intense, that Siva had to bathe in five different liquids (water from the Ganga river, water from Brahma’s kamandalam, milk from Parvati, water from the Kaveri river, and froth from Nandi’s mouth), to revive Japesar. Together, these five are called Pancha Naadam, and hence Siva is named Pancha Naadeswarar.

Other information for your visit

This is one of the temples forming part of Tiruvaiyaru Sapta Sthanam festival, which celebrates Nandi’s wedding. Read our separate feature on the festival, here. All seven temples are located relatively close by, and except for Tiruvaiyaru (which is a large temple) they could be covered in about 6 hours. Alternatively, an entire day can be spent leisurely visiting all seven temples, including Tiruvaiyaru.



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