Loganatha Perumal, Tirukannangudi, Nagapattinam

Divya Desam referred to by the epithet “Kaayaa Magizham, Uranga Puli, Theeraa Vazhakku, Ooraa Kinaru – Tirukannangudi”… Read More Loganatha Perumal, Tirukannangudi, Nagapattinam

Sowriraja Perumal, Tirukannapuram, Nagapattinam

Considered the Eastern residence of Vishnu, this Divya Desam temple’s puranam is about how the presiding grew hair on His head to uphold a devotee’s word, that the hair on the garland given to the king actually belonged to the Lord! Interestingly, every amavasya day, the deity is taken outside to meet His devotee Vibheeshana. How did this come to be?… Read More Sowriraja Perumal, Tirukannapuram, Nagapattinam