Satyavakeeswarar, Anbil, Tiruchirappalli

Paadal Petra Sthalam where Lord Siva tested Sambandar, and Vinayakar listened to Sambandar’s song… Read More Satyavakeeswarar, Anbil, Tiruchirappalli

Sundararaja Perumal, Anbil, Tiruchirappalli

Brahma’s ego about his powers of creation resulted in his being born on earth, and he prayed here to be relieved of this curse. Siva, as Bhikshatanar, is believed to have worshipped at this temple, on the way from Uttamar Koil to Kandiyur. The temple also has a Mahabharatam connection, and the Pandavas are said to have worshipped at this place. But what unique iconographic representation in the sanctum leads to this being a prarthana sthalam for women seeking to get married? … Read More Sundararaja Perumal, Anbil, Tiruchirappalli