Avudainathar, Darasuram, Thanjavur

This village temple near Darasuram is unique for a couple of reasons. While it is a Siva temple, it is more famous locally as the Kamakshi Amman temple, who indeed is the first deity one sees upon entering the temple. The other thing about this temple is the presence of two Ammans – Kamakshi, and Meenakshi along with Siva, in a separate sub-temple.… Read More Avudainathar, Darasuram, Thanjavur

Veerabhadrar, Darasuram, Thanjavur

This temple is presided over by Veerabhadrar, the fierce aspect of Siva, who also destroyed Daksha’s yagam, after Sati immolated herself at the sacrificial fire for her father’s disrespect towards her husband Siva. The temple also has a significant connection to the poet Ottakoothar, the author of Thakkayaga Parani, who was gifted the village of Koothanur (famous for the Saraswati temple there). But how did the Parani work come to be written?… Read More Veerabhadrar, Darasuram, Thanjavur