Brahmapureeswarar, Tirukkuvalai, Nagapattinam

Basic information about the temple

Moolavar:BrahmapureeswararAmbal / Thayar:VaNdamar Poonkuzhali
Deity:SivaHistorical name:TirukkoLili
Vriksham:Therku MaramTeertham:Brahma Teertham

Age (years):

Timing:6 to 12 & 5 to 9Parikaram:

Navagraha dosham

Temple group:Paadal Petra Sthalam (Kaveri Then Karai)
Sung by:

Sambandar, Appar, Sundarar

Temple set:

Sapta Vitanga Lingam sthalam



City / town:TirukkuvalaiDistrict:Nagapattinam
Maps from (click): Current location Tiruvarur (24 km)Nagapattinam (25 km)

Kumbakonam (63 km)Mayiladuthurai (65 km)


Tirukkuvalai is located about 30 kms from Tiruvarur and from Nagapattinam.

Sthala puranam and temple information

This is one of the Sapta Vitanga Sthalams which house one of the maragatha Lingams that Muchukunda Chakravarti was able to obtain after his trials with Indra. This sthalam represents the Bhringa Natanam (dance of a bee hovering over flowers).

After Brahma was cursed by Lord Siva for lying having seen the top of the pillar of fire, he lost his role as creator, which upset the routine of the planets (grahas). Lord Brahma dug up a Theertham (Brahma Theertham) and made a Lingam with sand, and prayed to it for pardon. As he was pardoned here, the Lord takes the name Brahmapureeswarar at this temple. As the moolavar murti is made of sand, abhishekam is done by covering it with a vessel (kuvalai, in Tamil), and hence the town gets the name Tirukuvalai. On Amavasya day alone, the lingam is worshipped with sambrani deepam (benzoin).

Connected with the above, the Navagrahas were also relieved of their dosham and so the town got the name of Tirukkollili (Kol in Tamil means planet). Also for this reason, this temple is considered a Navagraha dosham nivritti sthalam. All the Navagrahas at this temple are in a line, facing south.

Bheema, the Pandava, was relieved of the Brahmahathi dosham from killing Bakasuran, by praying to the Lord here. Agastyar, the Pandavas, and the Navagrahas are said to have also worshipped at this temple. The lingam worshipped by Sage Agastyar is in the prakaram.

This temple has the rarity of Ambal facing east, instead of south. Vinayakar here is known as Thyaga Vinayakar.

The temple puranam is closely connected with that of the nearby Sundareswarar temple at Kundaiyur. The Lord arrange for Sundarar to receive in Tiruvarur, the grains that he received from Kundaiyur Kizhaar.

This event is celebrated as the Sundarar Utsavam every year on Masi Magham.

There are inscriptions in the temple dating to the time of Kulothunga Chola I and Sundara Pandiyan.

Other information for your visit

The Sundareswarar temple at Kundaiyur is located just 1km from this temple, and is a must-visit for its own sthala puranam. It is also a Tevaram Vaippu Sthalam.



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