Noopura Gangai, Alagar Koil, Madurai

Basic information about the temple

Moolavar:Noopura GangaiAmbal / Thayar:
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City / town:Alagar KoilDistrict:Madurai
Maps from (click): Current location Madurai (29 km)Sivaganga (37 km)

Dindigul (48 km)Karaikudi (75 km)


Sthala puranam and temple information

There are several water bodies on the Azhagar Hills, and Rakayee Amman is the presiding deity to all of them, but the most famous of them all is the perennial stream called Noopura Gangai.

During the Vamana Avataram of Vishnu, as He was going to place His foot in the celestial world, Brahma welcomed Him by pouring water from the Ganga river, out of his kamandalam, on the Lord’s feet. These touched His anklets (Noopuram in Sanskrit; the Tamil name of the stream is Silambaaru, Silambu meaning anklet), and fell to Bhulokam, at Azhagar hills. The inexhaustible supply of water from Brahma is what is believed to keep the stream flowing throughout the year. Water from the Noopura Gangai is used for the daily abhishekam of Sundararaja Perumal.

Sage Sutapa was bathing in the Noopura Gangai and so missed paying obeisance to Sage Durvasa who came by. Due to the latter’s curse, Sage Sutapa turned into a frog and was called Manduka rishi. The sage started praying to Vishnu, who came from the foothills of Azhagar hills up to Noopura Ganga, to relieve the sage of his curse.

Azhagar Hills may be regarded as an extension of the end of the eastern ghats. The hills have been referred to in many places in classical Tamil / Sangam literature, including the Tirumurugatrupadai, Paripatal (the fifth of the Ettu Thogai) and Silappathikaram.

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